What can you expect as a client of Miranda’s? See what her clients and former employers have to say:

Energy – Professionalism – Vision

Maria Morrison, Publishing Consultant

Maria Morrison, Publishing Consultant

“Miranda is a highly energetic professional who adds tremendous value to every relationship she makes with others. She has the passion, the vision, and the persistence to succeed. Her honesty and integrity surpass the expectations I have when looking for a writer. She believes in giving her best to her clients and also applying the same mind-set to every project that is handed to her. Miranda is one of the most professional writers I have come across and I highly recommend her to all others.”



Near-Flawless Copy – Dedicated – Talented

Danny Goodwin, Managing Editor at Linkdex

Danny Goodwin, Managing Editor at Linkdex (formerly Associate Editor at Incisive Media)

“Miranda is, in a word, awesome.

Miranda became the Lead Writer for Search Engine Watch (SEW) in August 2011 and it quickly become apparent she was extremely dedicated and talented. In her role, Miranda consistently and masterfully turned simple, basic news assignments into something smart, detailed, incisive, and insightful. She also wrote several popular posts that provided marketers with tips on how to improve their websites and marketing.

She would constantly take on extra work when she could, was excellent at meeting deadlines, and delivered near-flawless copy consistently, sometimes under tight pressure of deadlines due to breaking news. Along with SEW Director Jonathan Allen and myself, Miranda played a key role in shaping SEW’s news agenda and editorial direction – and she also occasionally provided editing help.

In 2012, Miranda was the most read writer on SEW, writing 5 of the top 10 most-viewed SEW news stories. Though she is no longer a member of SEW staff, she continued contributing to SEW. One of her posts is currently on pace to be the most viewed post of 2013.

In addition, Miranda also helped SEW forge and strengthen connections with key figures and companies within the industry, and represented SEW at major industry conferences and events, such as SES New York, SES Toronto, SES San Francisco, and SES Chicago. She also co-hosted, organized, and helped launch a popular SEW Internet radio show.

Bottom line: I can’t in good conscience recommend anyone more highly than Miranda.”


Fair – Great Communicator – Connected

Andrew Davis, CPC Strategy

Andrew Davis, CPC Strategy

“Miranda is one of those people that gets along with everyone, but she’s not afraid to take a stance when it comes to journalism. I’ve worked with her at a conference (SES in San Fran) as well as through the Search Engine Watch reporting team to cover some of the hottest stories in technology and search for nearly a year now, and I can say I’ve learned a ton from the way she conducts herself as a journalist and from her writing style.

She is fair, friendly, a great communicator and just someone you want to know because she’s literally connected to everyone! It’s been a real pleasure working with her and I hope we get to work more in the future.”


Detailed – Expert – Exceeds Expectations

Darnell Jackson,

Darnell Jackson,

“I was dealing with a difficult problem of how I would attract new clients in 2014 so I reached out to Miranda and she exceeded my expectations by providing detailed step by step instruction on exactly what path I should take and why.

I was not even thinking about the approach she recommended and now I’m glad that she helped me as I feel very confident now about finding new clients with her advice.

She saved me a ton of time and stress I’m sure she’ll do the same for you.”