Miranda Miller, @mirandam_ecomm is a Fraud

I’ll bet you didn’t expect to find this headline here, on my own website.

This isn’t what I had planned to write on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon, but it’s necessary. Recently, a person took it upon themselves to stalk my LinkedIn profile and contact the companies and organizations listed there, in order to expose me as a “fraud.” This person has published a blog post that “proves” I have engaged in fraudulent behaviour – specifically, that my online resume is full of lies and I haven’t actually done the work I claim to have done.

Miranda Miller is not a fraud post

This cyberstalker has also harassed several of my clients by contacting them repeatedly asking if I work there and emailing them complaints about me.

The emails about me to various organizations were titled ‘Urgent!’ and began: “I am sending this message in regards to an individual by the name of Miranda¬†Miller who, on her Linkedin page, claims to work for your company.”

The public tweets use irrelevant hashtags in a desperate attempt to spread the ‘news’ far and wide, and say, “Miranda Miller AKA @mirandam_ecomm is NOT who she says she is; lies about working for companies.”

When this person did not get the response they wanted from some of these companies and organizations, they¬†threatened to file Better Business Bureau and Information and Privacy Commission reports against them. It’s certainly way outside of anything you would consider logical or rational – one might call this blackmail. You do as I say and fire her, or I’ll attack your business, too. [Read more…]