Offers can be an incredibly effective conversion tool, and within the next few weeks, all Google AdWords advertisers will be able to highlight them in their search ads. Google is rolling out a new ad extension called Callouts that enables you to add more text to your ad to spotlight free shipping, discounts, price matching and more.

AdWords Callout Extensions: example of how-to content in online marketing industry

Callout extensions are similar to sitelinks, but without the links. Google recommends that advertisers use callout extensions to draw attention to unique selling points and important product details and benefits. You can feature up to four callouts in your ad, each limited to 25 characters each, and must have at least two callouts for them to display.

Callout extensions can be used with other ad formats, like sitelinks, and are created, scheduled and managed within the Ad Extensions tab. You can add callouts at the account, campaign or ad group level, allowing you to use general information at the account or campaign level and specific callouts for each ad group.

Why Use Callout Extensions?

Why not? The use of extensions improves the performance of your ads (including click-through rate) and gives you an opportunity to stand out with specific messaging in the search results. Bonus: it doesn’t cost any extra.

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