Want to improve your writing and increase the value you offer clients?

Looking for new ways to make money from your writing and maybe even (gasp!) support yourself as a full-time writer?

You’re not alone. In fact, I get asked for help so often that I’m now offering a few different resources to help beginner to mid-career writers looking to:

– find (and keep) higher value clients;

– build the right business mix, to provide steady and reliable income even as a freelancer;

– develop a niche that is focused, profitable, and personally rewarding;

– increase your online visibility and build your brand as a professional writer;

– manage the business of writing more efficiently, with time-saving tips and tools to make tax filings, contracts, managing multiple currencies and more a snap.

You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re busy entertaining the turkeys.  Choose one of these ways we can work together to help you improve your writing practice and attract higher value clients.

Participate in Co-Writing Sessions – Offered Twice Monthly

Online community and coaching for writers.

Increase productivity, pick the brains of other writers, and find your tribe in twice-monthly co-writing sessions. We’ll share our current projects and participate in timed writing “sprints.” In regular breaks you can seek feedback, brainstorm, and network.

This is a great way for rural writers who don’t have local writing events to network. It’s also particularly helpful for those struggling with motivation, as you have a sense of accountability to the group.

Co-writing sessions are part of the ‘Engage’ (tier three) package here on Patreon, which also includes my monthly newsletter for readers and writers.

Business Coaching for Writers

If you’re looking for more targeted, personalized support to help grow your business, try online coaching. This is a great way to solve specific problems and overcome the challenges preventing you from growing in your writing business.

If you are struggling to find the right clients, constantly busy but not as profitable as you’d like to be, overwhelmed by the administration side of your business or otherwise looking to solve a challenge in your writing career, start with a consultation. The $25 fee for an initial consultation is applied to your first coaching session, should we choose to proceed together.

Writers often find a better way forward in just a few coaching sessions, though many stay on to help keep their business goals on track. Either way, you direct the course of action and I’m your champion every step of the way.

You can sign up for your initial consultation here.

Improve Your Writing with Impartial, Critical Feedback

Is your story development lacking? Content falling flat with readers? Search engines ignoring your best optimization efforts?

Submit your fiction or non-fiction works for critical review and feedback. You’ll receive a marked-up copy of your work with specific, personalized tips and advice to achieve the improvements you desire.

This type of constructive review can help make your works more valuable to clients, more successful in search, and more attractive to potential publishers.

Email me directly or submit your request through our contact page. On receipt of payment (you will receive an online invoice for $15 per 300 words), your work will go into the queue for review. Expect 7-14 days turnaround.