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If Miranda’s online business and/or marketing coaching can help solve your problem and build your business, she will recommend a course of action. If there are other avenues that will be more successful for you, she will let you know that, too. You only continue so long as the service is valuable for you, and you will never pay a subscription or other hidden fees.

Save yourself time, hassle and expense—cut the learning curve and put her knowledge to work in your business. You will dramatically improve your ability to succeed with the insight and direction of an experienced digital marketer and online business consultant.

Miranda Miller, online business and digital marketing consulting

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else..."

Miranda helps entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and C-level executives put their best foot forward with actionable insight and a task-based roadmap to help solve your most pressing digital challenges:

  • Evaluating business, product and service ideas
  • Improving your online presence and search engine visibility
  • Connecting the dots between what it is you want to say and what people actually want to hear
  • Solving persistent conversion issues
  • Better understanding your customers, their online experience, and how you can improve your relationship with them
  • Evaluating your online marketing needs so you can allocate your resources where they will have greatest impact
  • Making your content marketing efforts more efficient, measurable and successful in driving business results

Put Miranda’s 15 years of online business experience to work for you.

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Wait, I have to pay for this?

Absolutely. This is an investment in the success of your business, idea, product and/or career. Knowledge has value! You are not obligated to schedule another coaching session or take any recommended course of action unless you see the value in doing so. However, there is a time investment on both our parts to define your challenge and determine a course of action. Clients who choose to continue with consulting or digital marketing services will see their initial consultation fee discounted from a subsequent invoice.